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North Wales Festival of Gardens 28th May -5th June

Launch at Plas Cadnant

Saturday 28: Festival Launch with guest of honour, Roy Lancaster. Garden walk & talk, Pimms & canapés and an illustrated talk by Bleddyn Wynn-Jones of Crug Farm Plants

GARDEN CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC Admission by advance ticket only £35 (available to purchase from Plas Cadnant during garden opening times)


Review of Heritage Services in Wales

Review of Heritage Services in Wales

Ken Skates, the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism has announced that Baroness Randerson has been asked to lead a review of heritage services in Wales she is scheduled to report by 31 March. 

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Ice Houses of Wales

Ice Houses of Wales

 The Ice House at Mostyn

Can you help?
Can you contribute to The Welsh Ice-house Gazetteer


a) check the accuracy of ice-house observations and the locations – are the descriptions and the map grid references correct?
b) Add any other examples, existing or to be found only on old maps, whether Ordnance Survey maps or estate maps and documents?
c) Can anyone remember an ice-house in use?

For New entries please complete the online form or send  the following details:

1.Name, civil community/parish, and National Grid Reference
2.Relation to and distance from house and possible source of ice (eg. 300m. NE of house by pond)
3.External appearance (eg. built into bank, earth-covered mound)
4.Internal appearance (eg. passage, doors, building materials, form and dimensions of ice-chamber, any drainage arrangements)
6.Any published references (eg. article, old OS map)
7.Name and address/contact details of recorder

Updated entries again use the online form or send the details
1.Name and location as above
2.Any information to be updated (eg. more detail, better description, change in condition, etc)
3.Name and address/contact details of recorder
Please, remember that most ice-houses are on private land, and many are extremely dangerous to examine. If the ice-house is not in your ownership, please ensure that you have permission to visit, that somebody knows you are going to do so, and preferably be accompanied.
Information can be sent to

Dr Eurwyn Wiliam
42 St Fagans Drive
St Fagans
Cardiff CF5 6EF.