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Survey of Historic Environment Specialists: We need your help

Survey of Historic Environment Specialists: We need your help

The next few years are forecast to be a time of considerable change affecting our historic environment. Large-scale infrastructure projects like HS2, major road schemes, and a mammoth programme of housebuilding are forecast to very significantly increase the demand for a skilled historic environment workforce, at a time when some of the country’s most experienced historic environment specialists are approaching retirement. As a sector we need to try to get to grips with the impact of these two factors, and to invest focused resources into accommodating them.

The national heritage agencies have commissioned Landward Research to undertake a new survey of historic environment specialists, building on the work that was undertaken in 2010. We aim to find out more about the distribution of specialists, their working environments, their training needs and opportunities, and their thoughts on the future.

If you are an archaeological, buildings history or garden history specialist or scientist, please invest just 10 minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire, and encourage others to do the same.

If you are an employer of historic environment specialists, please ask your staff to complete the questionnaire and spread the word about it.

The Archaeology Training Forum – the sector body with a focus on archaeological and related skills in the study of the historic environment – has identified the need for a skills and training audit as a key priority, and its members from across the sector will use the results of the survey to help plan for the delivery of high-quality expertise to make the most of the opportunities and to help mitigate the impacts of national infrastructure projects. The better the information we gather, the more effective we can be.

If you have any queries about the survey, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Use this link to start answering

or copy and paste the following URL into your web browser:

We value your input and we sincerely hope that you will consider participating in the survey.


Searching for & viewing Ordnance Survey Drawings (OSDs) online at the British Library

Searching for & viewing Ordnance Survey Drawings (OSDs) online at the British Library

Changes to access arrangements
 BL have altered the way they are providing access to the OSDs online:
From the OSD webpage

use the 'Search our website' box in the upper right corner & enter the relevant sheet number (look this up on the 'Static Index' link on the page) in the format OSD nnn, where nnn is the sheet number, e.g. OSD 152.
Once you get to the search results list you can reach the web page by clicking the title of the record in the results list (eg 'Detail from OSD
152 (Hampstead)' ).
This takes you to an intermediate page containing the following information:
Click on the 'I want this' tab.

You then need to click the 'Go' button under the 'View online' heading.

This takes you to another web page with the link to the interactive zoomable image, as before.


Recording workshop

Running a Research and Recording Project workshop

23rd January 2017, 10-4pm

The Birmingham and Midland Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BS.

Many County Gardens Trusts have embarked on defined Research & Recording projects over recent years, and have found them to be immensely useful not only as a contribution to our collective understanding of historic parks and gardens, but also as a way of generating fresh momentum for their Trust.
At this event, CGTs thinking about putting together a Research & Recording project will have the opportunity to hear from those who are already working on such projects.
Delegates will leave with a clearer idea of the reasons for running such a project, and with a confident idea of how to start putting it together. Topics will include working with HERs, Significance, researcher training opportunities, funding streams, recruiting volunteers, how to organise the project, and using the opportunity to achieve a fresh momentum for your Trust.*

10.00am Arrival, tea, coffee
10.20am Welcome and Introductions
(Tamsin McMillan, the Gardens Trust, Historic Landscape Project Officer)
10.25am Why are we here? (Christine Addison, the Gardens Trust trustee)
10.30am MOVES: Using projects to achieve fresh momentum for your Trust (Linden Groves, the Gardens Trust, Historic Landscape Project Officer)
10.45m Yorkshire R & R Projects: making results matter
(Yvonne Boultwood, Yorkshire GT)
11.30am Discussion
11.45am Funding: necessity or luxury? (Claire de Carle, Buckinghamshire GT)
12.30pm Discussion
12.45pm Lunch
1.30pm Recruiting, training and managing volunteers: the Hastings way (Virginia Hinze, Sussex GT)
2.15pm Discussion
2.30pm Case studies: Isle of Wight Walled Gardens Project (Lorna McRobie), Kent Compendium (Hugh Vaux)
3.30pm Final discussion
4.00pm Tea and Close

This is a free event and lunch is included.

Places are very limited, so please book promptly to avoid disappointment.
Deadline 2nd January 2017.

* We are aware that many CGTs are also wrestling with the issue of digitising of their research. This is an extensive and complex issue so we will only touch on it briefly at this workshop, but will organise a second day to look specifically at digitising

Capability Brown Pop up Exhibition

Capability Brown pop up

The Capability Brown pop up exhibition as reported in the Bulletin is now available by clicking here.


WHGT at the Senedd

WHGT at the Senedd

Tuesday 8th November 9.30am-3.30pm

You can be there too!



Senedd welcomes the Wales Heritage Group

 “The Welsh Heritage Group is the voice of the independent heritage movement in Wales”


This is an opportunity to meet and talk with many of the organisations active in the conservation of the historic environment in Wales. The Wales Heritage Group will be exhibiting in the Neuadd at the Senedd; at an event sponsored by Ken Skates AM.


The Wales Heritage Group is an alliance of statutory consultees and voluntary national organisations active in the conservation of the historic environment in Wales.


Heritage is vital for social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing of people and communities in Wales. It is key in promoting sustainable development supporting wider regeneration, catalysing investment and enhancing skills for jobs. This will be an opportunity to learn about the work of independent heritage movement in Wales that are striving to support the protection and regeneration of much of Wales’ heritage.



Anna Lermon

Tel: 07538 035 638

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Ice Houses of Wales

Ice Houses of Wales

 The Ice House at Mostyn

Can you help?
Can you contribute to The Welsh Ice-house Gazetteer


a) check the accuracy of ice-house observations and the locations – are the descriptions and the map grid references correct?
b) Add any other examples, existing or to be found only on old maps, whether Ordnance Survey maps or estate maps and documents?
c) Can anyone remember an ice-house in use?

For New entries please complete the online form or send  the following details:

1.Name, civil community/parish, and National Grid Reference
2.Relation to and distance from house and possible source of ice (eg. 300m. NE of house by pond)
3.External appearance (eg. built into bank, earth-covered mound)
4.Internal appearance (eg. passage, doors, building materials, form and dimensions of ice-chamber, any drainage arrangements)
6.Any published references (eg. article, old OS map)
7.Name and address/contact details of recorder

Updated entries again use the online form or send the details
1.Name and location as above
2.Any information to be updated (eg. more detail, better description, change in condition, etc)
3.Name and address/contact details of recorder
Please, remember that most ice-houses are on private land, and many are extremely dangerous to examine. If the ice-house is not in your ownership, please ensure that you have permission to visit, that somebody knows you are going to do so, and preferably be accompanied.
Information can be sent to

Dr Eurwyn Wiliam
42 St Fagans Drive
St Fagans
Cardiff CF5 6EF.