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Ice Houses of Wales

Ice Houses of Wales

 The Ice House at Mostyn

Can you help?
Can you contribute to The Welsh Ice-house Gazetteer


a) check the accuracy of ice-house observations and the locations – are the descriptions and the map grid references correct?
b) Add any other examples, existing or to be found only on old maps, whether Ordnance Survey maps or estate maps and documents?
c) Can anyone remember an ice-house in use?

For New entries please complete the online form or send  the following details:

1.Name, civil community/parish, and National Grid Reference
2.Relation to and distance from house and possible source of ice (eg. 300m. NE of house by pond)
3.External appearance (eg. built into bank, earth-covered mound)
4.Internal appearance (eg. passage, doors, building materials, form and dimensions of ice-chamber, any drainage arrangements)
6.Any published references (eg. article, old OS map)
7.Name and address/contact details of recorder

Updated entries again use the online form or send the details
1.Name and location as above
2.Any information to be updated (eg. more detail, better description, change in condition, etc)
3.Name and address/contact details of recorder
Please, remember that most ice-houses are on private land, and many are extremely dangerous to examine. If the ice-house is not in your ownership, please ensure that you have permission to visit, that somebody knows you are going to do so, and preferably be accompanied.
Information can be sent to

Dr Eurwyn Wiliam
42 St Fagans Drive
St Fagans
Cardiff CF5 6EF.


Dyffryn Gardens Special

Dyffryn Gardens voted the most special place in Wales

Dyffryn Gardens in the Vale of Glamorgan has been voted as the most special place in Wales.

Thousands of people across the country voted for 12 weeks as part of National Trust Wales' search to find the nation's most treasured place.

The Edwardian gardens scooped more than a third of the final votes and was nominated for its breathtaking landscaped gardens.



Gardens Trusts


Association of Gardens Trusts

The Association of Gardens Trusts

The national charity representing 36 County Gardens Trusts

AGT/GHS Merger Resolution and the Presentation to Gilly Drummond

The result of the significant vote taken at the AGT AGM on Friday 24 July at Newcastle for AGT to merge with the Garden History Society to create The Gardens Trust.

The vote was as follows
24 in favour
7 against
1 abstention.

The AGT meeting ended with presentations of the ‘Memories of Gardens Trusts’ scrapbook to founders of the AGT Lorna McRobie and Gilly Drummond OBE for their years of dedication and commitment to the gardens trust movement.

The Scrapbook, Memories of Gardens Trusts, which was presented to Gilly Drummond and Lorna McRobie at the AGT AGM on Friday the 24 July, which celebrates the work of the AGT/CGTs can now be viewed at:
MEMORIES of Gardens Trusts
If you would like to purchase a copy of the book please follow the link below:
Memories of Gardens Trusts - Blurb Book Preview

Grateful thanks to all who sent in contributions, memories and pictures. (Those contributions that could not be included because of shortage of space, or if they arrived too late, have been handed to Gilly).
Thanks to all those trusts and individuals who contributed financially, a truly remarkable sum of over £1100 was collected for the presentation.

Gilly Drummond was thrilled to hear that the annual Volunteer of the Year Award will continue and will be re-named the Gilly Drummond Volunteer of the Year Award.
This generous fund is sufficient to finance the future running of this annual award and any dedicated activity to encourage CGT volunteers.

Visit http://gardenstrusts.org.uk/ for up to date information, contacts and forthcoming events

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National Botanic Garden of Wales


Get involved at the National Botanic Garden of Wales this summer.
From 20th July until the end of September Dyfed Archaeological Trust will be working with the National Botanic Garden of Wales to explore what remains of the Regency period water park created by William Paxton in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Anyone who volunteers for a week or more has the chance to gain accreditation in the form of the BAJR Skills Passport. 
If you would like to take part please email HollyMae - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it